05 Jun

These are the most comfortable shoes EVER!! They’re Fila Skele-Toes. I was visiting my parents last month and attended my friend Kim’s baby shower. A mutual friend, Sarah, through the shower and she did an excellent job.

Sarah’s husband, Jeff, had on these shoes with the toes out, and I thought they were hella fly! The pair he had on were blue and white with a hint of orange. I went home telling JD about them. Then, we went to Finish Line near my mom’s and I saw there were quite a few pair to choose from!

I was all on them, JD wasn’t stuttin’em. He was looking for running shoes. I didn’t get a pair on that visit, but I did later. JD was all over them! “Those are niiice! I like them!” HA!

They style is hot, they’re comfortable and CHEAP! Due to my gov. discount, I’ve only paid $20 for them. Without it, they’re $25. They were originally like 70 bucks! Thats a steal! I guess they didn’t sell well. They’re selling now!

An JD has a few pair. BITIN’!!!! HAHAHAAA!


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